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Gladstone Funding Group offers individuals, private investors and institutions the ability to take advantage of  “out of the box” real estate backed opportunities, by buying all or part of the real estate loans at a significant discount, which is backed by the underlying real estate.

We are asked this question quite often: What exactly is a “Note”?

Essentially, a “Note” is the promise to pay a debt and is commonly called a “Loan”. A “Note” backed by real estate means that the “Promissory Note” is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust and the real estate acts as collateral for the “promise to pay”. If the “promise to pay” is not being carried out to the agreed upon terms, then the Lender has a right to take back the real estate as “collateral”. This is commonly known as Foreclosure.

Gladstone Funding Group sells notes that are either performing, re-performing or non-performing.

  • Performing Notes are loans where the borrower is paying in accordance with the conditions of the promissory
  • Re-Performing Notes are loans that went into default in the past, but now the borrower is back on track with paying their loan in accordance with the conditions of the promissory note.
  • Non-Performing Notes are loans that the borrower is in default and they are behind in their payments. The industry term for these loans is “non-accrual”.

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